In 2012, we officially declared our commitment to corporate responsibility by becoming a member of SEDEX. SEDEX is an NGO that has built a large global database of companies with a proven commitment to ethical, safe and sustainable work.

We have done this by documenting our patterns of conduct and objectives relatedto ethics, the environment, people and the community.

Being a member of SEDEX is a sign that Monthelado S.A. has the intention of sharing information and using it to help manage and improve ethical standards in the supply chain.

- Guided Tours
- Children’s Day
- Sports Tournaments
- Collaborations to various institutions:
• Rosario Association of solidarity Assistance (ARAS)
• Food Bank Rosario (BAR)
• «Don Orione» Benevolence Foundation


Wastewater Treatment

We are committed to caring for the environment and are pioneers in this wastewater conditioning technique.
In the first step, we redirect the water used during the production process to a treatment plant, which is built to make the water inside it undulate, thereby isolating the organic residue. Then, we incorporate the free-flow bacteria, which are the crucial point in this process.

These bacteria feed on the fatty waste, metabolizing it in the form of CO2, which is later eliminated in a controlled way, to turn into O2. The bacteria can onlysurvive and reproduce in a certain environment and under certain temperature and pH conditions, therefore, controlling these factors is key.
Once the previous process is finished, we send the treated water outside through piping designated exclusively for this purpose.
In order to ensure the correct operation of the wastewater treatment plant, we do comprehensive monthly controls and inspections.



For us, post-sales service is essential and, every day, our receptionists redirect the different questions we receive from our clients and consumers to the corresponding areas. Our various contact channels allow us to provide a quick response and detailed follow up so that we can stay in close contact with the people who choose our products.

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