Ice cream factory

Production is Our Tradition

At MontHelado, we have our own specialized laboratory that meets the highest quality standards. That is where we select and analyze all the components used to produce our line of products. The highly trained team that runs the laboratory conducts the necessary controls on incoming raw materials and performs microbiological tests. Every month, our facilities are audited by external laboratories to ensure the quality of every product produced in our factory.

Industrial Process. Cooking.
The ingredients are combined in a stainless steel container heated to 65 °C to obtain the mixture. Then, the base is pasteurized through thermal shock. Pasteurization is a process in which the temperature of the base cream is raised from 65 °C to 80 °C for 20 seconds, and then cooled immediately until it reaches 6 °C. This process makes it possible to avoid any type of micro-organic contamination. And by complying

with hygiene protocols, we are also able to protect the natural properties of the ingredients and make sure they are not altered.

Once the mixture is pasteurized, it is transferred to maturation tanks, where it remains at a temperature of up to 6 °C until it is used. During the maturation stage, the corresponding flavoring and coloring is added.

Once the mixture has stabilized, it goes on to the production stage, where it is churned, exposed to the required temperatures and, depending on the final product to be obtained, diverted to different technologies (freezing tunnels, ice cream bar machines, lineal fillers, among others). The finished products, once codified, go through a metal detector and continue on their way to the cold chain for storage and eventual shipping.

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Product Development


We have an area that specializes in detecting and understanding consumers changing demands, in order to work on them and offer customers solutions that include the modern concepts of healthy and nutritious foods. To achieve thesesolutions, we work with raw materials whose quality is controlled through an exhaustive selection of suppliers.

Every season, we push ourselves to bring our customers the latest trends and develop products that exceed their expectations.

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Third Parties

Strategic alliances

The quality of our products is so highly regarded that other well-known companies have enough faith in our production processes to hand their production over to us. We have managed to diversify our sales channels through strategic alliances with Unilever Argentina, Chile and Brazil,

to supply their Kibon and Bresler ice creams, with the Vea and Jumbo lines of the Cencosud hypermarket chain, and with Cooperativa Obrera.



This stage is essential in our industry because the life cycle of ice cream depends, in large part, on storage conditions. Ice cream contains ice crystals that are relatively unstable and can undergo changes in size, number and shape in a process known as recrystallization.

This phenomenon can be minimized by keeping the product stored at a constant temperature below 0 °C.In order to ensure this condition, MontHelado S.A. has its own chamber with more than 15000 cubic meters of space and room for 2500 pallet positions.

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Sales Channels

All Across the country

We have 150 distributors that are strategically located throughout the country and that supply supermarket chains with our own products as well as products we produce for third parties (under the client’s brand name). These distributors also supply final points of sale, like kiosks and small grocery stores. The distribution is done through our own vehicles,

whose drivers are in closecommunication with logistics operators to ensure that the cold chain is unbroken and that the products are supplied correctly. We also have our own distribution center in Buenos Aires, which is equipped with another storage chamber to fill orders in the surrounding area.


Sales force

Our ongoing investment in infrastructure and technology, our production capacity and our efficient logistics system allow us to reach every place we set our sights on, delivering our products in perfect condition and on time.

Our fleet of vehicles for local and long-distance distribution is outfitted with cutting-edge refrigeration units that ensure the proper transportation of ice cream products by keeping the necessary cold chain uninterrupted.

A quick look at our business

  • 67 years of history in ice cream manufacture.
  • 16.000 square metres constructed.
  • 3.000 positions in storage in frozen camera.
  • 30 million litres capacity.
  • 40 own vehicles.
  • More than 300 products line, popsicles, water, milk, frozen cakes, desserts, vessels, bulk, cones.
  • More than 4000 Sales points.
  • Own laboratory.
  • Unique ice cream Factory certified with BRC food safety standard in Latin America.



For us, post-sales service is essential and, every day, our receptionists redirect the different questions we receive from our clients and consumers to the corresponding areas. Our various contact channels allow us to provide a quick response and detailed follow up so that we can stay in close contact with the people who choose our products.

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